"If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite." ― William Blake
Anonymous asked: But that's the thing; I don't think there's anything morally wrong with receiving money for sexual actions. You're not giving away your body, you're getting PAID for doing stuff with your hot sexy body ;D. You still OWN your body while you're using it for something you like. I actually feel quite offended because you're calling me and my friends oppressed and you're telling us that we're not feminists. By the way, I don't think sex is NEEDED for feminism, but it can be useful. (1/2)

And I’m not ‘slightly changing’ anything, it’s just something totally different. The world isn’t a bad place just because bad things happen, and sex industry isn’t bad for the same reason. A person can be happy with one thing and sad about another thing, school can be nice but also really crappy, and sex industry can be super wrong but also very awesome. Right now you’re deciding what I am instead of letting me choose for myself. Please don’t do that, it’s offending. (2/2)

I’ve already told you multiple times why the porn industry is bad for women and you keep coming back with the same arguments. I think i already made it pretty clear why its bad. And you can call yourself a feminist. You can call yourself whatever you want. But I just personally think calling yourself a feminist while supporting something oppressive to women is hypocritical.

Please just stop sending me messages about this because I’ve explained so many times. If I offend you that much please just unfollow me and leave me alone thanks.

Anonymous asked: I personally don't think industries in which sex abuse happens have anything to do with industries where people choose to do this. To me that's like saying vegan cheese industries support dairy cheese industries. I actually think showing that you're confident being a sex worker and being able to express yourself sexually in whichever way you want is very feminist. Working with sex can also be a form of art and if done right sex industries can work as emancipation for females, gays and trans ppl.

Sex industries liberate no one!!!! Just because something is legal doesn’t it mean that it isn’t morally wrong or causing harm to people. Just because someone chose to be a sex worker doesn’t change the fact that their industry is oppressive. Women have been oppressed and shamed because of sex basically since the beginning of time. Liberation through sex is not needed for feminism. Choosing to support any type of sex industry is supporting exactly what has hurt us. It’s like taking something oppressive and changing slightly what it means in order to work within the patriarchy to get what we want. Doing that is not helping feminism its making it harder. In order to really stop misogyny and make us equal we must totally reject that which has been causing harm to women throughout history.

Anonymous asked: With sex industry, do you mean prostitution? Because if so I don't understand how being a prostitute or supporting prostitutes can't go together with being a feminist. In the Netherlands prostitution is legal and a lot of the sex workers I've talked to are actually very independent and confident and they consider themselves feminists. They just chose this job because it pays well or they just realy love sex. I know human trafficking is a really big problem but prostitution itself isn't evil.

The prostitution industry continuously oppresses and objectifies women. These specific women being “independent” and “confident” doesn’t change the fact that the industry they are supporting is the cause of countless women being raped/killed/overall oppressed. Them working for that industry is only causing harm to fellow females. You can’t be a feminist and directly support an industry which causes that much harm to women I’m sorry.


If you’re not anti-sex industry then what are you doing in feminism


what are you doing? 

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